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Monday, February 6, 2012

Ancient Aliens

India has a rich history filled with unbelievable stories and folk tales. The stories of Ramayan and Mahabharat are filled with magical Palaces, vehicles and people with great power and abilities. Consider the war described in Ramayan and Mahabharat which involved flying vehicles(Vimans) and weapons which could destroy thousands of enemy soldiers and view in modern perspective. We will realize that if this all is true the People that these stories refer to posses Flying machine and advance technology.
However in these stories it has always been described as magical powers because the people at that time
didn't understand what's going on and best way to describe all of them is MAGIC. Now if we talk about
all Gods and there powers, its truly unbelievable the kind of things they were able to do. The best logical explanation for all this very advanced technology and Super power beings is that they were aliens visiting earth from other planets.
Because they influenced human development and had powers that were not understood by Human beings they
were worshiped by us. Ultimately they were given the god status and all the unexplained things god did
was described as magical.

Recent archeological research in the some of the unbelievable monuments build across India has supported
the above things. It has indicated that the people several hundreds years ago who build these monuments
had some extraordinary powers/technology for there support.

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