Google+ UFO and Alien Cases in India: July 2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

UFO: Nasa cuts live video transmission as it records UFO's

The video – which is reportedly shot from the International Space Station – shows three unidentified flying objects blast out of Earth’s atmosphere.
The lights leave our planet seconds before the live video feed is cut by NASA due to a reported “loss of signal”.

UFO India:Indian boy ready for scientific scrutiny of 'flying saucer' image captured on camera

An Indian boy has claimed that he captured a perfect disc-shaped unidentified flying object (UFO) on his camera on Wednesday morning.
The fifth grade student, Abhijit, from Kanpur in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, claims he was casually taking pictures of the clouds on Wednesday morning when he seemed to have got an image of a flying saucer-like object, after which he informed his parents, UFO Sighting Dailyreported.
"I like nature photography and when I saw various shapes of clouds in the sky I started clicking pictures on my phone. While I was going through the clicked pictures in the photo gallery, I saw a round object in the photographs and when I zoomed to take a closer look at it, I noticed it was a UFO," he said.
While experts have raised doubts about its authenticity, his father Santosh Gupta said the picture is authentic, and no trick or technology was used.
"When we checked the pictures snapped by (our) son, we saw red light spotting around the white-coloured round object and it appeared as if white smoke was emitting from the centre of the object," Gupta said.
The father of the boy also said he is ready for any lab test of the picture to prove its authenticity.