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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sant Tukaram Vaikuntha trip in Vimana(Flying Vehicle)

One of the things that has fascinated me is the story of Sant Tukaram Maharaja who was a spiritual
saint and is well known for his Abhanga's(Poems). His story of Travel to Vaikuntha in God Vishnu's
Vimana(Flying Plan) is a interesting account which mentions the Flying Vehicle coming from skies.

Sant Tukaram (c.1608-c.1650), also Shri Tukaramm was a seventeenth century Marathi poet Sant of India. He lived in small town called Dehu which is located near to Pune city. Dehu houses many temples
of Sant Tukaram the famous one is the Gatha Temple where about 4,000 abhangs (verses) created by Tukaram maharaj are pasted on the walls. In Dehu the hillock is located were its be lived that the Flying vehicle of Lord Vishnu came to take Sant Tukaram to Vaikuntha.To this day, devotees gather at the hillock and sing his praises.

Tukaram Maharaj was a devotee of Vitthal (a form of Lord Krishna), the supreme God in Vaishnavism. His
life was devoted towards teaching people how to pray to god and praying towards Lord Vitthal. In his
verses and teachings he teaches how people should come above the materialistic things and sever humankind. He himself wanted to meet god and was tired of the materialistic world. This interesting
event that happened is during his final day's.

The story goes as

"He informed his wife early in the day about going to Vaikuntha (the Divine Abode). His wife laughed at him. He went up the hillock and waited for Vithoba. By that time, news had spread around Dehu and people had gathered around the hillock, waiting for the Divine event. From eyewitness accounts, a large vehicle emerged from the skies and Vithoba emerged from the flying plane. Eyewitnesses rushed to Tukaram's home and informed his wife that Tukaram was on his way to Vaikuntha, the Abode of God. His wife ran toward the hills, only to see him take off in the Viman (Flying plane)."

Another explanation of this event
"Chariots appearing in the sky, wherein were seated Narad and Tumbara singing, and Parvati and
the Lord of Kailasa, and Brahma and Vishiju and Rudra. The luster of the sun was dimmed by their splendour and mortal men closed their eyes, as they close them when lightning flashes in
the sky. Then Tukaram sat himself m a chariot, and began his journey through the sky."

Vaikuntha is the abode of Lord Vishnu. It is believed, in the tradition of Vaishnavites, to be the place of eternal bliss, exclusive to the Lord, His eternal consort, the Goddess Lakshmi, and the three-folded Serpent Sesha Naga, upon whom the Lord, and His Shakti (Lakshmi), are believed to rest.

Though as per the certain accounts this was not the final event that took place, but Sant Tukaram
returned to Dehu from Vaikuntha three times to meet his Devotees.

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