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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Alien Encounter in Odisha

This interesting UFO encounter took place on May, 31, 1947 at hilly area of Nayagarh in Odisha's were Alien spacecraft landed and took two young people for a tour in there UFO. According to the locals
,after the return of the aliens and the spacecraft's departure, the youths sat with a well-known 'tala pattachitra' artist and gave careful descriptions of the beings they had met inside -- a variety of rather anthropomorphic robots, or perhaps, creatures in metal suits.

These descriptions were subsequently passed down to the original artists students, and their students, for 60 years.Rejected as fanciful stories by many, traces of the incident buried under the pages of the country's tumultuous history during the period, have been preserved in the form of traditional palm-leaf engravings by a local artist.Award-winning 'pattachitra' artist Pachanana Moharana, who runs a workshop in Puri, had made sketches of the alien visitors and their spacecraft which was claimed to have landed in a hilly area of Nayagarh on May, 31, 1947.Moharana's art works are said to be based on the first- hand accounts of two young people who were invited into the spacecraft and given a sort of tour.

One of the palm-leaf engravings shows the 'yantra-purusha' wearing spacesuit with pincer-like hands rising as if offering a blessing.Hemispherical devices protruding from the head of the aliens are a recurring feature in many of the engravings. Some aliens appear to have ball-shaped hands while others are shown with five-fingered hands.Edited by Rakesh Khanna, the book rues that the Nayagarh incident remains barely studied or publicised, in India or anywhere else, even as the last few people who claimed to have been eyewitnesses die out.

Depicting the long-forgotten stories of 'yantra-purusha' (alien robot-like creatures), pieces of those rare engravings have now been published in 'The Obliterary Journal' (Blaft Publications) in between its collection of comics, street art and illustration.

Hope to go through this Journal and get some stuff out soon...

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