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Monday, February 18, 2013

UFO spotted over RIL industries on 24 January 2013

With Orbs on Indian-China border, now orbs/ufos are visiting the Industries, sounds weired check this story published in Indian express about UFO spotted over RIL. So are Aliens/UFO's after this or its just misunderstood object.

On January 30, RIL executive director P M S Prasad wrote to Petroleum Minister M Veerappa Moily, describing the sightings.
"On 24 January 2013 around 8.30 pm, one unidentified bright object, perceived to be of the size of a volleyball, was seen hovering over the refinery. It was seen to circle four times before disappearing," Prasad wrote.
"It could have been treated as a one-off occurrence, however the morning of 27 January again witnessed the same phenomenon between 6.30 and 7.00 am. Process cameras installed in the refinery caught some images."
Prasad pointed out that "local forces and capabilities are ill-equipped to deal with high-technology air-borne assaults, should anyone try and attempt them", and asked Moily to take up the matter with the defence and home ministries in order to "upgrade and maintain vigil on the complex" and to "investigate the incident on top priority" so as to "thwart any possible misadventure in the future".
The Jamnagar refinery's two units have the capacity to process 62 million tonnes of crude annually, which is 27 per cent of India's total refining capacity. An incident at the refinery complex would significantly affect production of oil and cooking gas.

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