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Monday, February 27, 2012

Antonio Urzi: UFO Case can't be ignored

Around the world the UFO Contactee who had several encounters have similar pattern of event occurrences in there life. The contact starts with few sightings over long period of time and then after few years the sightings become regular affair. There are very few people around the world that were able to produce photo and video evidences that are truly amazing and one such person is Antonio Urzi from Italy.
    Antonio Urzi is a young man who lives in Italy and has filmed UFOs most of his life. He has been witness these sightings from childhood. He had More than 1700 UFO sightings have been filmed since the year 2000 by Antonio Urzi. His UFO Footage and photos have been verified by number of independent research people.He has filmed metallic ships, spheres of light, flotillas and many other types of strange phenomena.He presented in the International UFO Congress 2009 by Jaime Maussan, MUFON Director for Mexico.

Check out this video

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