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Friday, March 2, 2012

Chaya Temple: Mystery of Shadow

In Nalgonda district lies the Chaya Someshwara temple its epitome of architectural marvel, derived its name from the mystifying shadow (Chaya). The incredible ‘shadow undisturbed', the origin of which puzzled visitors since times immemorial, is a unique feature of the magnificent temple. Built by Kunduru Cholas in 12th century, the temple, well known as Thrikutalayam, testifies the amazing creativity and skill of its architects.

One of the Garbhagudis (santum sanctorum), which is in the west and facing east, designated as the main temple of the Thrikutalayam contains a constant shadow in the form of a single pillar from dawn to dusk.
This has been a mystery and attraction to thousands of visitors to this temple.

Check out this youtube video( its fine if you don't understand the language watch it)

This temple over six hundred years ago reveals the scientific consciousness of our architects, Manohar remarked and also defiantly a support to Ancient Astronaut theory.

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