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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

UFO over Karnal India

On 8th July 2007 people in Karnal viewed something unusual stuff in the sky. Between
9pm to 11 pm there were two blue colored objects circling in the sky. The objects were
almost half the size of the moon and were interacting with each other.
There were hundreds of witness who saw this extraordinary phenomenon for more then
two hours. People were stunned to see the objects appearing and disappearing and moving
around each other.

No official explanation from the government.

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  1. This UFO appearance was shown 'live' on most news channels in India. Millions of us saw it. There was some debate about this occurrence for a day, but soon after the news all but disappeared from the media due to government interference.

    Millions of us saw it on TV. The UFOs were hovering over the town of Karnal for the longest time. Karnal is the hometown of Indian born American astronaut Kalpana Chawla who had died in the Columbia space shuttle crash in 2003. A week long remembrance ceremony for her had just concluded in Karnal on July 7, 2007. (Kalpana Chawala's official birth date is July 1). The UFOs appeared on July 8th, 2007.The UFOs were seen in New Delhi which is about 125 km (77 miles) from Karnal.

  2. Though Kalpana Chawla was born in March 1962, her official records say that her birthday is 1st July 1961. She was underage when she went to college and as was then quite common her date of birth was just changed. (You cannot do that today as documentation is more strict now)