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Friday, February 10, 2012

UFO/Aliens in Nashik, India

People like Billy Meier and there evidence of UFO Photos and videos has always amazed me. The photo's,
videos and other evidence they have provided has been put to test and come out to be "not faked".
I always wonder if somebody from India would be lucky enough to have these kinds of alien encounters
and has some kind of photographic proof.
To my surprise there is such person in Nashik Maharashtra who had regular encounters with Aliens and
Ufo's for almost three years. Prakash is 28 years old person living in Nashik, whose encounters started almost three years back in 2009 and since then they keep on occurring at regular intervals. Sometimes during the encounters the electronic equipments in surrounding stop working and even electricity goes away. He has captured numerous photographs of the UFO and also the aliens that keep visiting him.

Check out the alien photographs in below videos

News on Zee Marathi channel( in Marathi)

Decide for yourself is it true or fake? I would surely visit this person and look at the evidence
that he has to show.

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